The Marketing Unit plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of the University. The Unit aspires to become a world class service provider within an open and distance learning environment. It exists to empower the university and its stakeholders through the provision of cutting edge marketing, communications and business development services. It values highest levels of excellence, innovative and creative culture, integrity, ethical standards and delighting stakeholders.

We serve as the face of the University, coordinating and producing all marketing materials and literature that represent and assist to showcase the business of the institution to various stakeholders. It is the Marketing Unit’s job to reach out to prospective clients, current customers, investors and/or the community, and to create an overarching image that represents the institution in a positive light—that is, the ZOU brand. Marketing Unit promotes the Zimbabwe Open University brand through strategic marketing communications, improving brand awareness through advertising; enhancing symbiotic stakeholder relationships. The unit also manages university-level web content and social media networks such as Live chatting, Facebook, Twitter and ZOU Mails, among others.


The Marketing Unit is responsible, but not limited to the following activities in the University;


  • Defining and managing the ZOU brand. This involves defining who we are, what we stand for, what we say about the University, etc. This, in turn, defines the experience we want our students, stakeholders and partners to have when they interact with the university. Signage is also part of the branding.


  • Conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives. Marketing proactively identifies the products and services (academic programmes) to focus on over the course of the University’s product life cycle through marketing and market research. We influence the production of marketing materials and determine effective communication tools that get the word out including but not limited to distribution of brochures, flyers, participating at trade Expos, etc.


  • Creating content providing search engine optimization for the institutions website. The ZOU website is often an informative platform. It disseminates information about the university. The Unit is responsible for keeping Web content current


  • Monitoring and managing social media. The Marketing Unit is responsible for managing and maintaining social media pages and accounts and carefully watch what’s being posted about the university online. This includes among other social media platforms; Facebook, Live Chat, ZOU Mails, Twitter, whatsApp, instagram, etc.


  • Serving as media liaison


  • Conducting customer and market research. Research helps the university define target markets and opportunities accordingly, and also helps the institution understand how the programmes and services delivery at every level of the institution are perceived. What shortfalls exist and how they can be remedied.


  • Overseeing outside vendors and agencies. Marketing is typically responsible for selecting and managing the agencies and vendors who produce marketing materials and or/provide marketing support. These may include advertisement agencies, print vendors, PR agencies or specialists, Web providers, etc. All this will be done in liaison with the respective units of the university.


NB: All the activities done by marketing are integrated into the activities of all other units that are part of the University



Marketing Manager

Mr. Stewart Mwandiwanza



Marketing Officer

Mr. Oberty Tarwireyi

(MBA, BCom- Mkt)


Marketing Officer

Mr. Ishumael Vingirayi

(MSc.Strategic Mgt, M Com Mkt, BCom- Mkt)


A/Digital Marketing Officer

Mr. Innocent Chitsuro

BCom Mkt


A/Content Person/ Reporter

Mrs Portia Mazhindu



Chief Secretary

Mrs. Rinida Dzingai

(BSc Counseling, Dip Sec Studies)