Let us build ZOU together!!

pic 1
Professor Gundani addresses students and staff at the Bulawayo Regional Campus while Professor Mafa the Bulawayo Regional Director listens attentively


The ZOU Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Henry Gundani has implored the Bulawayo Regional Campus Students and Staff to embark on a journey with him anchored on the synodical philosophy.

Speaking on his 5th regional campus interface in Bulawayo on Tuesday 19 November 2019, Professor Gundani told the meeting that “Synod was a word that had nothing to do with church as it simply means journeying together”.

Appreciating the warm welcome, he had received from the ZOU family, the Vice Chancellor placed emphasis on his vision as a leader, which was to show the way in a journey.  A journey that would be operationalised under an open and free environment where all and sundry would freely contribute and have a sense of belonging.  The destiny of the journey would be associated with the “the excellence imperative”.  “There is no doubt that as a University we should be geared for a mind-set change followed by a change of narrative and ethos”. he said.  Quality would be another buzz word in guiding operations and activities.

Speaking on the same occasion the SRC President Bulawayo Chapter, Bekezela Ncube, took to task the management to fulfil promises mutually agreed for a positive turnaround and to address challenges they are facing as a constituency.  The Alumni President, Bulawayo Chapter, Shadreck Mdhlano appreciated the ZOU delivery model took pride in the contribution they are making and pledged to work more for the betterment of the University

Professor Gundani receives a token of appreciation from the Bulawayo Regional Campus handed over by Ms Mutereko, RPC Media and Journalism Studies while the Registrar, Mr A. Kaseke and Professor Chakuchichi looks on.


pic 3
Bulawayo SRC President, Bekezela Ncube delivering his welcome address to the ZOU Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Henry Gundani


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Senior Management with members of the Academic staff Bulawayo Regional Campus


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Senior management with members of the SRC and Alumni Bulawayo Chapter.


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Senior management with members of the Administrative staff Bulawayo Regional Campus