The Zimbabwe Open University - the leader in sign language training - invites thirty (30) applicants who are interested to undergo an intensive Seven (7) full weekends of Sign Language Training.

Applicants will be issued with a first level Certificate of Competency in Basic Sign Language.

Persons who already hold this certificate or its equivalent from other institutions will go through a parallel second level training programme and be issued with an Intermediate Certificate of Competency in Sign Language.

Practicing sign language interpreters, teachers, Deaf persons and other professionals will go through a course in theory of sign language and a practical examination in sign language interpretation.

This course will be facilitated by persons who are Deaf.Participants would be certified with a third level Advanced Certificate in Sign Language. Those doing Advanced Certificate will also be assessed while teaching others doing basic Certificate.

NB: Entry into Intermediate and Advanced training levels will be based on basic competency established through pre-assessment. Candidates should also be holders of lower level certificates in sign language.


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