Virginia Ndowora

Testimonial of Virginia Ndowora ( B Comm Banking & Finance)

It is with great pleasure that I have to testify on my long journey as a student with Zimbabwe Open University up to the day of graduation and am very grateful to ZOU and its lecturers and staff for assisting me to fully realize one of my long awaited goals. I had read about ZOU in one of the local newspapers on its distance learning and flexibility which suited my very busy schedule in life and I just told myself that with a University like this I would do the program of my choice and would not go wrong. I turned 43 years this year and I came aboard the program equipped with part CIS and experience in Banking of +15years and had confidence in my professional life to a certain level.

I have found that the  equipping I have received through ZOU lectures  has made me more confident in all areas of my life especially at work as I now know way more than I did before I embarked on the program. My lecturers, supervisors and coordinators played a big part in teaching and encouraging me even at a time when I thought I could not go on anymore. It was not an easy road trying to juggle being a worker, a mother, a wife, a church elder and a student but I had a number of people around me including other students who would stand by me, help me in group work sharing notes and experiences. The program stretched me to the extent that I now know and believe that I can constructively do anything in the banking sector.

The employer will show you what you need to know to execute tasks in ways that have been put together by Work Study Practitioners!  Employers will show you how to execute duties but rarely do they show you the BIG PICTURE.  I now have the BIG PICTURE. The Program made so much relevance and became significant in my day to day duties at work especially in my managerial position.

My ability to interact better with my internal and external customers as a service provider in the Banking Sector and other managers and executives has become refreshing and fulfilling which is something I could not do before. I remember in one of the lectures the lecturer giving us scenarios at work places on how to tackle some issues in relation to what we were learning and he would say “Go back to your work places and show them that you now know better than most of them in this area and give solutions”. This statement still rings in my head up to today and I am grateful and owe it all to ZOU now that I have become its proud and well equipped product. The staff at ZOU took time to help me achieve my goal and I am grateful for their dedication. To each of them I say a big THANK YOU.

I now graduate with LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE and LOTS OF CONFIDENCE, from the hard work, determination, dedication and maturity in the way of approaching things as these values were deeply rooted in me at the time of doing this program. I have set my sights on doing the MBA program in the year 2013 and that will be my final feather in my cap (for now)!

ZOU-Thank you!

Virginia Ndowora (Mrs.)

 Manager ( B Comm Banking & Finance

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 10:56

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