I wish to express my sentiments towards my study experience with Zimbabwe Open University. I completed my Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology degree with Z.O.U and I realized that it is like any other university in Zimbabwe. A number of reasons lured me to register with Zimbabwe Open University.


It allows distance learning . This was palliative to me as I was teaching at Nyahundo Primary School in Chendambuya before my current station at Nyameni Primary school in Marondera. It gives opportunities to students to be with their families at the same time.

It gives the opportunity to students to experience work related work experiences blended with  theories from ZOU modules. Students can resume after pause. I personally experienced the scenario when I was financially affected by dollarization . I paused my studies for two semesters. When I resumed I did not face any hustles from the institution.

My studies with ZOU helped me very well to deal with other matters in schools. I am currently a Sports Director at My station. It is also because of the qualification I got from Z.O.U. that I was recognized to be an official during the para-olympics which took place in Hwange recently. My degree programme helps me to understand people’s behavior at particular instances.


It is quite worthwhile to undertake studies with ZOU. The ZOU members are quite professional. For those who wish to join as students I urge them to do so without any hesitation. I can cite a few names I met during my studies.


Mutare                                 -              Mr Masvaure

Harare                  -              Mr Maunganidze

Mash East            -              Mrs Zinyama, Mr Chiyangwa, Mr Rupande, Mrs Rugonye, Mr Chicheko and

 Mr Dzimano.

These are just but a few that I have managed to identify.  There is  professor Chakuchichi who prioritize the welfare of students .


ZOU’s running of Student Representative Council is superb. Students run their affairs which help the success of students and hence this proves the relationship between students, tutors and the institution. I also experienced ZOU life as an S.R.C president. I never faced any hustles from regional or national directors. The ZOU members are quite supportive.

I therefore encourage any new students to join without any hesitation. Z.O.U is like any other university in Zimbabwe though unlike other universities time is not wasted on strikes and quality is not compromised.


I thank ZOU today and tomorrow for making me what I am today. I hope Masters in Psychology will soon be in place.

Sports Director