The University Learning and Teaching Hub (ULTH) hosted a workshop for the academics from different faculties to enhance students learning.  The workshop was held from the 12 – 15 March 2019 in the ZOU Boardroom at Corner House.

Lecturers who attended the University learning and teaching hub induction workshop at Century House 12 - 15 March 2019


The workshop provided a forum for academics to share their experiences and sharpening their skills on the provision of learning and teaching in order to enhance students learning outcomes.  The workshop’s thrust was on general academic induction for academics who were promoted from the non-academic side

In his opening address, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Professor Alfred Champion Ncube urged the lecturers to embrace change as ZOU was in the process of revamping the traditional ODL to the current thrust of Open and Distance Electronic Learning (ODeL) which is enabled by technology.  He emphasised that ZOU was the flagship of e-learning.In addition, Universities were now expected to reconfigure from the traditional education 3.0 (teaching, research and community service) to education 5.0 (teaching, research and community service, innovation, modernisation and industrialisation) in order to produce goods and services for the nation.

Professor A. Ncube delivering his opening remarks at the induction workshop


Professor Ncube stressed that the lecturer’s role on Education 1.0 which is teaching and learning, was to facilitate learning with the student being the centre.  The University intended to reconfigure e-Learning so that lecturers would interface with learners through virtual tutorials.  Education 2.0 which looked at teaching and research, the University was going to focus on heritage based research through addressing problems in communities, for example making use of local Marula to produce beer or finding solutions to drug abuse.Education 3.0, looked at teaching and learning, research and community service/consultancy this involves working with the community for its betterment.Education 4.0 looks at teaching and learning, research, community service and innovation, currently ZOU has started with the Faculty of Agriculture, a low hanging fruit for the next 2 – 3 years while working on establishing the sciences, technology and engineering. On modernisation and industrialisation (education 5.0), ZOU intends to modernise learning through the establishment of virtual classrooms.

The University has partnered with EduLoan for the provision of laptops to students to enable access.  In summary, the PVC Academic Affairs urged the lecturers to understand the vision and agenda of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.

Other presenters focused on general induction; academic induction; needs & expectations of ODeL students; student engagement; pedagogy, andragogy & heutogogy - working with adult learners; presentation skills for academics; face-to-face tutoring; online tutoring; assessment at university level; marking assignments electronically and inclusivity in ODL.


University learning and teaching hub general and academic induction workshop in pictures