The Zimbabwe Open University (Z.O.U) has partnered The Diaspora Zimbabwe Engineers hereinafter referred to as The Diaspora Zimbabwe Technocrats of Zimbabwe (D.Z.T.I) through Next Generation Engineers (Pvt) Ltd which is working hand-in-glove with The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (Z.I.E). This technical contingent partnership took place after Government authorised the deal to all Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Institutions.

The Diaspora-based Zimbabwean Engineers membership has sound and real substantial project financing and human capital resources to invest back home and help Government turn around the fortunes of Zimbabwe by addressing the ‘bread and butter issues and uplifting of the livelihoods of all the citizens and residents of Zimbabwe through the ZOU DIASPORA ZIMBABWE PROJECT.

The ZIMBABWE challenges solution is through science, technology and engineering sustainable developments and implementation of

  1. Education 5.0-driven entrepreneurial (business) and job related global multifaceted industry practical critical skills/ technology training.
  2. “Low hanging fruit” Nation-wide projects resuscitation of closed industries and the innovation of new industries within and outside Zimbabwe. The industries are going to produce mass goods which have a capacity to be exported for foreign currency revenue generation and also for domestic consumption.