ZOUAA Harare Chapter holds wellness day

The Zimbabwe Open University Alumni Association (ZOUAA) Harare Chapter successfully held a health and wellness day on 3 November at Longchen Gardens in Harare.

Health and wellness days promote physical, mental, and social wellness which is strongly related to success, resilience, and positive learning and working climate.

In her remarks, Dr Lilian Dodzo, the Harare Chapter Chairperson, who is also president of the ZOUAA National Executive Council, highlighted the advantages of studying with the Zimbabwe Open University. She said, “ZOU degrees and Diplomas are internationally recognised and the University is regarded with high esteem in Africa and the rest of the world. The fees charged by the University are affordable. ZOU gives more comprehensive and easy to follow study material in the form of modules in hard and soft copies. ZOU also runs an e-learning facility - MyVista - that enables a student to apply, register and carry out studies through the Internet from any part of the world”. She emphasized this with a phrase which became popular at the event: “Kana usati wadzidza neZOU hausati wadzidza.”

Mrs Jesca Mutowo, a Nursing Science lecturer, also took to the stage. She talked about the importance of exercise and diet in living a healthy life. Mrs Mutowo said that wellness days enhance personal nutrition, wellness, physical fitness and safety awareness.


The trainer of the day, Coach Beloved, then took over with the aerobics. Participants enjoyed the exercise such that they stayed much longer than it had been planned. With a mix of music and dance, the aerobics exercise was very entertaining. The event was spiced up with participation of groups performing aerobic dances. Four members got prizes for outstanding performances.


Participants at the ZOUAA Harare Chapter Aerobics, Health and Wellness event, go through aerobics exercises.